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01 Ноября 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Спортивные технологии

Автор: Nishihara Kiyoaki

The Innovation In Basketball

The Innovation In Basketball

The Innovation In Basketball


When the project to create a new design for the basketball got underway several years ago, we interviewed two players that had left their mark on Italian basketball history as part of our research. Both had sharply contrasting opinions about changing the design.

“A change in basketball design will bring new life to a sport that has millions of fans around the world!” one said. The other had this opinion: “The basketball design should never change, no matter how much the times change!” Such emotional attachment for something as simple and basic as the basketball. Such diverging opinions.

With that as a background, we had to create a final product that married these two contrasting ideals.

The characteristic panels and seams of a traditional ball remain the same.

But what has changed is the visual impact from the two bands of color that stretch around the ball.

The warm color contrast enhances visibility and expresses a feeling of rapid, but graceful movement.

The Molten G-Series design maintains traditional elements, while enhancing visual and tactile experiences. Approved by FIBA as an official game ball, it is a revolution in design today that will set the standard tomorrow.


Technology that only Molten can create helps players attain new levels of performance.

Whether you are dribbling, passing, or shooting, the Molten G-Series enhances your ability and gives you a new feel for the game.


The ball feels “just right” in your hands, offering complete dribbling control.

In addition, with better gripping power, your passes go exactly where you want them to go-quickly, sharply.


The ball sticks to your hands thanks to its easy-grip surface, so you can always get a firm, steady spin for perfect passing.


Thanks to its unique new design, it’s easy to follow the ball’s movement, allowing you to lock your hands right onto it. And the low impact when catching gives you a smooth transition to your next pass.


Because of the ball’s even surface, it doesn’t matter how you grab it. You’ll always get a smooth, consistent backspin for better accuracy.


With lower air pressure, you get even better grip, so you can be right on top of the ball until the very last instant.


Molten’s technology pushes gripping, rebounding and other ball control possibilities to the limits. It’s a dream basketball that allows every athlete to realize his or her full potential. Dual-Cushion Technology: Molten’s innovative proprietary Dual-Cushion Technology has two dimensions:

  1. a high-density/highcushion foam between the surface and reinforcing layer;
  2. a special soft rubber in the panel seams.

This dual cushion gives the ball a soft feel while maintaining the rebound speed of previous balls. It also improves durability.

Molten Flat-Pebble Surface: We’ve modified the usual pebble surface into a flatter finish.

The result? Increased area of contact, giving you grip and control like you’ve never experienced.

Molten Full-Flat Seam: We’ve flattened the seams between panels so that no matter where you hold the ball, you always get a consistent backspin for stable, accurate shooting and passing.


“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Molten on the successful development of its new basketball. I think it represents a refreshing and stunning new concept in basketball design. FIBA and Molten have enjoyed a relationship that spans almost a quarter of a century. Since 1981, Molten, as an Official Sponsor, has provided official game balls for major FIBA international tournaments. Molten has done an excellent job of conforming its ball design to recent FIBA rule modifications, and we look forward to the new ball’s adoption as the official game ball in up-coming FIBA tournaments. I would like to thank Molten for demonstrating such commitment to the advancement of cutting-edge ball technology, and thus contributing so greatly to the development of the sport as a whole. We look forward to Molten’s continued pursuit of excellence and advancement of technological standards. Finally, I would like to convey to athletes and fans all around the world my hope that you soon have the opportunity to experience the ball’s excellent craftsmanship yourself, or at least to share in the new level of excitement that this ball will surely bring to the game.”

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