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01 Июля 2010 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

The FIBA Academy. Administrators Programme

The FIBA Academy. Administrators Programme

The FIBA Academy. Administrators Programme

We are excited to bring to you an education programme that will modernize the way basketball organisations all over the world are operated. Welcome to the launch of the FIBA Academy Administrators Programme.

This is a new and exciting programme that has been developed uniquely for individuals within the global basketball community. The FIBA Academy are offering an online programme, which aims to enhance the overall administration and management techniques deployed within Basketball organisations worldwide, by providing basketball specific management education.

Any individual that is working within the sport, has ambitions to work within a basketball organisation, or even those with a general interest in the sport are encouraged to complete this pioneering new programme.

Mr Patrick Baumann, Secretary General of FIBA commented:

“ We have developed this initiative, with the FIBA Academy, as a commitment to our member National Federations, and all those involved in the sport of basketball. We endeavour to improve and train the staff and members in the “business” of running a National Federation, and we see this programme as a fundamental advancement for our sport.

We encourage our valued “stakeholders” to take up the opportunity offered by the FIBA Academy to improve their know-how and, in time, to enjoy the benefits of an extended network of highly skilled colleagues from all over the world in 213 member national federations.”

After an initial testing stage, the programme has received positive feedback from test users from several Basketball National Federations;

Contact FIBA Academy
+44 161 275 6739

“ The FIBA Academy Administrators Programme is something great for the federations; the FIBA National Federations Manual was a great piece of work, by also having this programme it will make the work of the Federations more organized and more ambitious. Federations should be urged to have their people in charge register.”
Michel Beyrouthy, Lebanese Basketball Federation, Executive Manager.

“A great learning tool that will serve greatly towards improving the general knowledge on the ABC’s of a National Federation. Without a doubt, this will help a lot of up-and-coming leaders to improve basketball and its further development in their countries. The possibility of interconnecting with people with different backgrounds and experiences is a real strength of the programme.”
Nestor Rodriguez, FIBA Americas Administrator.

“ The program is conceptually very positive [aiming to] to enhance the level of National Federations’ administrators and the level of National Federations’ administration.”
Safa Ali Karmalin, Director of the Mini-Basketball Committee of I.R. Iran Basketball Federation (IRIBF).

“ As the FIBA Academy we are excited to bring this pioneering project to the international basketball community. I see it as the first step to enhancing administrative management globally through the sport.”
FIBA Academy Director, Mr Chris Solly, explains the value of a far reaching educational tool such as this programme to the sport of basketball.

This programme will be available through the FIBA website and the FIBA Academy website, from September 2010. Please contact the FIBA Academy for details and registration.

About the programme

What does the programme cover?

The FIBA Academy uses the fundamental principles set out within the FIBA National Federations Manual, to create an interactive, and captivating online educational programme. There are 10 modules, extensively covering all operational and functional areas within a National Federation, outlining the best practice skills and management techniques which can underpin growth, success, and ultimately the overall development of the sport.

“It is easy to access and understand… It provides a lot of information relevant to administrators of National Federation’s. I would like to thank and congratulate all those involved in starting this valuable program for the betterment of our international basketball community.”
Jim Tooley, USA Basketball Executive Director/CEO.

How it works

The FIBA Academy has designed an online platform, whereby new users will go to register and set up their individual user profile through which they can log in numerous times and make their way through the programme.

Users are guided through each module by a friendly avatar voice, aiding learning and really bringing the programme to life.

In addition, to access the programme users will also become a member of a basketball specific online social networking community. Moreover, the online learning format facilitates flexible learning, so that individuals can complete the programme in their own time, from their own home – a real solution for the demanding schedules of sports administrators.

Benefits of completing

After completing this programme, individuals will be better equipped to deliver management processes that result in success and development within their basketball organisation. The resulting qualification is accredited by FIBA, the FIBA Academy and the World Academy of Sport. Although completion of this programme is not compulsory, FIBA will create a ranking in order to measure the number of National Federations successfully completing the programme, therefore resulting in real, tangible outcomes to help grow and develop your federation in your home country.

“I think it is a historic step and I have never before seen an instrument so detailed to show National Federations how they should be organized to move themselves forward in a positive manner. No matter what the economic situations may be in some of the countries, if National Federation members have the positive advancement of the sport as their agenda and not their personal interests then this program should be their “home base” always.”
Nelson Isley.

Continuing learning

The development and professionalisation of the world of sport requires more skilled and qualified administrators within sporting organisations. Therefore the FIBA Academy has been established as the education partner of FIBA, striving to provide current, world class educational programmes to up-skill those with administrative, executive and management roles, ultimately enhancing the global standards of the sport.

This programme is part of the continued learning pathway developed by the FIBA Academy for executives and administrators looking to enhance educational standards within their organisation.

All learning pathway individuals will be given the opportunity, once they have completed the FIBA Academy Administrators programme, to continue with their professional development through designed executive programmes.

The programme will be available from:

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