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01 Мая 2003 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

As of this issue of the FIBA Assist Magazine we will introduce exemplary rule cases. The cases contain hypothetical play situations, accompanied by the correct rule interpretation for each play situation. The FIBA Sports Department offers this as an essential element in assisting basketball referees throughout the world in understanding and interpreting the rules of the game. A good test for your knowledge of the rules - check it out!

1. While attempting a successful shot for goal, A2 is fouled. A technical foul is the charged against coach B. A2’s free throw resulting from the original foul is successful. Before the ball has become live for the first throw resulting from the coach B technical foul, a time-out is requested by coach A. Shall the time-out be permitted?

2. A1 releases a shot for goal. While the ball is on its upward flight, it is contacted by B1. After the contact by B1 and while the ball is now in its downward flight but has not yet touched the ring, the ball is contacted by A3. The ball enters the basket. Shall the goal count?

3. A2 is dribbling the ball when B2 takes a legal guarding position in the path of A2. B2 then moves laterally to maintain a guarding position against A2. A2 makes contact on B2’s torso while B2 is still moving with neither foot touching the floor. Shall the foul be charged to B2?

4. While A2 is dribbling the ball, A4 and B4 commit a double foul. B4’s foul is judged disqualifying. Shall play resume with a team A throw-in?

5. A1 is in possession of the ball for a throw-in when A3 fouls B3. This is the fifth player foul committed by team A in that period. Shall free throws be awarded?

6. Coach A is granted a time-out. During the time-out, B2 reports to the scorer as a substitute. Must B2 wait until the referee has recognized the substitution before B2 can become a player?

7. While the ball is in the air on a shot for goal, B3 contacts the backboard, causing it to vibrate. The vibration causes the shot for goal to be unsuccessful. Shall B3 be charged with a technical foul?

8. A1 commits his/her fifth player foul. Before the foul can be reported to the scorer, A1 commits a technical foul. Shall the penalty for the technical foul be one free throw, followed by possession of the ball?

9. Players A2, A3, and A4 are involved in a fight situation and are disqualified. Shall coach A also be disqualified?

10. Following a team B field goal, team A is granted a time-out. When play resumes following the time-out, A3 is handed the ball out-ofbounds on the end line for a throw-in. A3 passes the ball to A4 who is also out-of-bounds in that end line. A4 then passes the ball inbounds to A5. Is this action legal?


  1. (Yes, Article 27.4.1)
  2. (No, Article 41.2.1)
  3. (No, Article 44.6.4, 44.6.5)
  4. (Yes, Article 45.2.2)
  5. (No, Article 55.2.2 )
  6. (No, Article 28.2.6)
  7. (No, Article 41.3, penalty)
  8. (No, Articles 13.1 and 51.2)
  9. (No, Article 47)
  10. (Yes, Article 26.2.2)

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