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01 Ноября 2003 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

1. While dribbling, A2 loses control of the ball. A2 then catches up to the ball and resumes the dribble. Is this action legal?

2. Dribbler A1 deliberately fouls defensive player B4. This is the 3rd team foul for team A in that period. Shall free throws be awarded to B4?

3. A2 is awarded a throw-in at a sideline. In making the throw-in, A2 takes three small steps in the same direction before releasing the ball but does not move a distance greater than a meter. Has A2 committed a throw-in violation?

4. A5 is injured when fouled while attempting a shot at the basket. A7 enters the game to replace A5 and take the free throws. Before A7’s first throw, A8 asks to substitute for A7 if A7’s final free throw is successful. Shall the substitution be permitted?

5. Coach B is assessed a technical foul because of an action by an assistant to coach B. Later in the game, coach B is assessed a second technical foul because of the actions of the same assistant coach, after which he is assessed a third technical foul for personal unsportsmanlike conduct. Shall assistant coach B be permitted to act as the new team coach?

6. A4 is fouled but erroneously is not awarded merited free throws. A throw-in is instead awarded to team A. After the throw-in, the ball is controlled by A-2 who then commits a travel violation. The ball is now awarded to team B for a throw-in. After the ball again becomes live but before the release of the throw-in, the earlier error is discovered. Is that error still correctable?

7. A5 falls to the floor while holding the ball. Has A5 committed a travel violation?

8. Team A appears on the court with shirts that have a color on the front that is different than that on the back. Is this legal?

9. A1 jumps in an attempt to score a basket. After the ball has left A1’s hand on the shot, it is blocked on its upward flight by B4. The ball returns to A1 while A1 is still in the air and A1 returns to the floor in control of the ball. Has A1 committed a violation?

10. A4’s final free throw is successful. Before the ball can again become live, A5 commits an unsportsmanlike foul against B4. Team A now requests a time-out. Shall the time- out be delayed until after B4’s free throws?


  1. Yes. Article 34
  2. Yes. Article 46.
  3. No. Article 26.
  4. No. Article 28.
  5. Yes. Article 16.
  6. No. Article 56.
  7. No. Article 35.
  8. No. Article 13.
  9. No. Article 35, 23.
  10. No. Article 27.

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