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01 Марта 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?


1. After a goal is scored, B4 has the ball out-of-bounds for the resulting throw-in. B4 bounce-passes the ball to B5, who is out-of-bounds at the same end line. Shall the ball become dead when it touches the floor on the bounce-pass?

2. While the ball is in the air on a shot for a goal by A4, B4 intentionally slaps the backboard and causes it to vibrate. The shot goes in the basket. Shall B4 be charged with (a) a violation (b) a technical foul?

3. A3 commits a double dribble, immediately after which B3 commits a foul. This is the third team B player foul in that period. Is this a jump ball situation?

4. Near the end of a time-out, substitute A10 reports to the scorer but does not report to an official on the court. Is this a legal substitution?

5. While A5 is dribbling, the ball bounces very high. A5 takes two steps while pushing the ball to the floor on the continuing dribble. At no time does the ball come to rest in A5’s hand. Has a violation occurred?

6. While team A is in control of the ball, B4 is discovered to be bleeding. The officials interrupt play and order B4 to be substituted. At the time of the interruption there is 10 seconds remaining in the 24-second period. When play resumes, shall team A be given a new 24-second period?

7. An alternating possession throw-in is awarded to A4. After the ball again becomes live, but before it has touched a player on the court, a double foul occurs. Shall play resume with a throw-in by team B?

8. A shot for a goal by A5 touches the backboard, but misses the ring. On the rebound, the ball is deflected, but not controlled by B5, after which A3 gains control of the ball. At this time the 24-second signal sounds. Has the 24-second signal sounded in error?

9. May team personnel other than the coach or assistant coach go to the scorer’s table to request a time-out?

10. During the first period, the scorer erroneously assigns two points to the wrong team. The error is discovered during the halftime interval. May a correction be made at this time?


  1. No. The pass from B4 to B5 is legal (26.2.2.)
  2. No. In both (a) and (b). In (a), the action is a violation only when the vibration causes the shot for a goal to be unsuccessful. In (b), this action is not a technical foul. (41.2.2, 49.1.2)
  3. Yes. The penalties for the two infractions shall cancel each other. (56.2.7)
  4. Yes. During a time-out, a substitute need only report to the scorer. (28.2.6)
  5. No. This is a legal dribble. (34.1.1)
  6. Yes. (11.2)
  7. No. Team A does not lose its right to the next alternating possession when the foul occurs. Play resumes with an alternating possession for team A. (Changes to rules: May, 2003, article 21.4.6)
  8. No. The 24-second clock continues to run when the shot for a goal fails to touch the ring. A 24-second violation has occurred. (39.1.1, 39.1.2)
  9. No. (27.3.1)
  10. Yes. A bookkeeping error may be corrected at any time before the referee signs the score sheet at the end of the game. (9.4)

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