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01 Марта 2005 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

1. Team A is in control of the ball with 5 seconds remaining on the 24-second clock when a fight situation occurs. After order has been restored and penalties have been determined, the officials find that all penalties cancel each other. Shall play resume with a team A throw-in and only 5 seconds remaining in the 24second period?

2. A shot for a goal is in the air when a double foul is committed by A2 and B2. The shot is successful. Shall play resume with an alternating possession throw-in?

3. A3 receives the ball while in the air and comes to a stop in one continuous motion by landing on one foot, jumping off that foot and finally landing on both feet simultaneously. A3 then pivots. Has A3 committed a traveling violation?

4. A4, within the 2-point area, attempts a pass to A5. The ball is above the rim when B5 reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball. Shall A4 be awarded two points?

5. A8 substitutes for A3. After the substitution but in the same stopped clock period, A5 commits a fifth foul and must leave the game. The only player on the team A bench entitled to play is A3. May A3 re-enter the game at this time?

6. After a violation for illegally returning the ball to the backcourt, shall the resulting throw-in always take place in the throwing-in team’s front court?

7. A5 commits a violation on a last or only free throw. May team A be granted a time-out at this time?

8. After A4 has ended a dribble, a held ball is called between A4 and B4. Team A is entitled to the next alternating possession. Shall play resume with a team A throw-in and no reset of the 24-second clock?

9. On the jump ball that begins the game, the legally tapped ball is touched but not controlled by A5, after which the ball goes out-ofbounds. Shall the jump ball be repeated?

10. A3 has been dribbling the ball in team A’s backcourt for 6 seconds when B3 deliberately deflects the ball with the foot. On the resulting team A throw-in, shall team A be given a new 8-second period to advance the ball to the team A frontcourt?


  1. Yes (Article 39.3.2)
  2. No (Article 35.2.2)
  3. Yes (Article 25.2.1)
  4. No (Article 13.2.2)
  5. Yes (Article 19.2.4)
  6. Yes (Article 22.2)
  7. Yes (Article 18.4.1, 3rd bullet)
  8. Yes (Article 12.3, 50.4)
  9. No (Article 22.2)
  10. Yes (The ball has not become dead as a consequence of one of the situations listed in Article 28.2.2 or 50.4)

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