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01 Ноября 2006 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?

Right Or Wrong?


The following questions focus on the document, “FIBA Official Basketball Rules: Official Interpretations.” A free download is provided on the FIBA website (www.fiba.com). For additional clarifications, explanations or examples, please consult this document.

1. Before the jump ball can be administered, the scorer realizes that two of the players are wearing numbers that are different from those on the team list. Shall the referee direct the scorer to correct the numbers on the scoresheet, after which the game shall resume without penalty?

2. In the pre-game warm-up, team A and team B practice at the correct baskets as prescribed by rule. When the jump ball is administered to start the game, however, both teams mistakenly face in the wrong directions and play begins. A5 scores two points, at which time the error is discovered. Shall the two points scored by A5 be awarded to team B and credited to the team B captain?

3. During the 1st period, A5 attempts a shot for a basket. While the ball is in the air on the shot, the 24-second signal sounds, after which the ball enters the basket. Team A immediately requests a time-out. Shall the time-out be granted?

4. A3 is awarded two free-throws. After the first free-throw but before the ball is at the disposal of the player for the second free-throw, team A requests a time-out. On the second free- throw, A3 commits a violation. Shall the time- out be granted immediately?

5. A3’s shot for a goal has touched the rim and is rebounding above it when B5 reaches through the basket from below and tips the ball away from the basket. Shall two points be awarded to A3?

6. A5 is a player-coach. During an interval of play, A5 commits a technical foul. Shall this technical foul be penalized as a coach’s foul?

7. After players from both teams have left the team bench areas during a fighting situation, the officials determine that play shall resume with a possession arrow throw-in for team A. Shall this throw-in take place at the sideline or baseline place nearest to where the ball last became dead?

8. A2 is awarded two free-throws. While the ball is dead following the first free-throw, coach A and player B3 commit technical fouls. Shall A2 be awarded a second free-throw, after which the game be permitted to resume as it normally would following any last free-throw?

9. A3 is awarded two free-throws. Before the ball is placed at the disposal of A3 for the first free-throw, a time-out is granted to team B. After the time-out, the officials erroneously award the free-throws to A5. The error is discovered after the unsuccessful first free-throw. Shall the free-throws awarded to team A be cancelled and play resume with a team B throw-in at the free-throw line extended?

10. Following a team A field goal during the final two minutes of play in the 4th period, the ball bounces far away from the in-bounds area. B8 is waiting at the scorer’s table to enter the game as a substitute. Shall the official sound the whistle and permit B8 to enter the game?


  1. Yes; Art. 7
  2. No; Art. 9
  3. No; Art. 18
  4. Yes; Art. 18
  5. No; Art. 31
  6. No; Art. 38
  7. No; Art. 39
  8. Yes; Art.42
  9. Yes; Art. 44
  10. No; Art. 46

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