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01 Января 2007 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история





The following questions focus on the document, “FIBA Official Basketball Rules: Official Interpretations.” A free download is provided on the FIBA website (www.fiba.com). For additional clarifications, explanations or examples, please consult this document.|

1. When players take their positions for the jump ball that will begin the game, the scorer realizes that a team B player's name was not included on the score sheet, but is on the team list that was submitted to the scorer at the appropriate time. Shall the referee direct that the player's name be added to the score sheet without penalty?

2. During the first period, an A5 shot for a field goal is in the air when the 24-second buzzer sounds. The shot for the goal is successful. Team A now requests a substitution. Shall the substitution be permitted?

3. During a live ball, a time-out is requested by team B, after which a foul is committed by B3. While the official is reporting the foul to the scorer and before the official's whistle that begins the time-out, players go to their respective team benches. Is this permissible?

4. While a shot for a goal by A3 is in the air, the 24-second signal sounds. The ball then touches the backboard but does not touch the basket rim, after which it rolls on the floor. As the ball rolls, it is touched first by B5 and then by A5, after which it is finally controlled by B3. Has team A committed a 24-second violation?

5. On a single free-throw awarded to A5, the ball has touched the rim and is bouncing above it with a reasonable chance of entering the basket when B3 reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball, causing it not to enter the basket. Shall one point be awarded to A5?

6. B5 is given a warning after interfering with a throw-in. Later in the game, B3 again interferes with a throw-in. Shall a technical foul be charged to B3?

7. During the pre-game warm-up, a technical foul is committed by a team A player. Team B is awarded two free throws to be administered before the jump ball that will begin the game. The team B coach requests that B8, who is not one of team B's starting players, be permitted to attempt the free-throws. Shall the referee grant the request?

8. A5 is awarded a free-throw. Team A is granted a time-out before the free-throw is administered. Following the time-out, A2 successfully attempts the free-throw awarded to A5. The error is discovered during the first dead ball after the game has resumed. The officials cancel the one point scored on the erroneous free-throw. Shall play resume with a team B throw-in at the sideline or the endline place nearest to where the ball last became dead?

9. A4 shoots for a field goal near the end of the final period and the signal sounds to end the game. The officials rule that the goal shall count. Coach B insists that the signal to end the period had sounded before A4 released the shot for a goal. The officials are absolutely sure that the ball had been released before the signal sounded. Must the officials use available and approved technical equipment to verify if the goal shall count?

10. A4 is holding a live ball but has not yet dribbled when A4 deliberately throws the ball against a backboard and catches it again before it has touched another player. May A4 now begin a dribble?


  1. Yes; Art. 7
  2. No; Art. 19
  3. Yes; Art. 18
  4. Yes; Art. 29
  5. No; Art. 31
  6. Yes; Art. 38
  7. No; Art. 39
  8. Yes; Art. 44
  9. No; Art. 46
  10. No; Art. 24

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