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01 Января 2009 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт




The following questions focus on the document, “FIBA Official Basketball Rules: Official Interpretations.” A free download is provided on the FIBA website (www.fiba. com). For additional clarifications, explanations or examples, please consult this document.

1. B3 in the team B backcourt attempts a pass to B4 in the team B frontcourt. A3 jumps from the team A frontcourt and establishes control of the ball. While still in the air, A3 passes to A4 who is in the team A backcourt. Has the ball been illegally returned to the backcourt?

2. A4 attempts a pass to A5 who fails to catch the ball, after which the ball touches the ring. Shall the 24-second operator reset the 24-second device the moment the ball touches the ring?

3. On a throw-in, shall the ball become live when it leaves the hand(s) of the thrower-in?

4. A3 has been in the opponents’ restricted area for fewer than three seconds when A3 receives a pass and immediately dribbles to the team B basket to attempt a shot for a goal. Shall the official suspend the 3-second count to permit A3 to attempt the shot?

5. A2 is fouled during a successful field goal attempt. A4 then commits an sportsmanlike foul on B4. A2 is awarded one free-throw, to be followed by two free-throws for B4 and possession of the ball for a throw-in for team B. If either team wishes to substitute, shall the substitute(s) be permitted to enter the game only after all free-throws have been administered?

6. A2 deliberately scores in the team A basket. Shall a technical foul be charged against A2?

7. Team B has committed four team fouls in a 4th period that ends with the score tied. Early in the extra period, B4 fouls A4. Shall A4 be awarded two free-throws?

8. The ball is bouncing above the ring on a shot for a field goal when a double foul is committed. The ball does not pass through the basket. Is this a jump ball situation?

9. A3 is awarded a throw-in at a sideline in the team A frontcourt. A4 jumps to receive the pass and returns to the floor straddling the centre line. Has the ball been illegally returned to the backcourt?

10. B3 commits a technical foul in the interval of play before the beginning of the 1st period. Two free-throws are awarded to team B before the administering of the jump ball. When the ball becomes live for the first free-throw of the technical foul, the alternating possession arrow is set to designate team B as entitled to the ball on the first jump ball situation. Is this the correct procedure?


  1. Yes (30.1.2)
  2. Yes (50.2)
  3. No (10.2)
  4. Yes (26.1.2)
  5. No (19.3.9)
  6. No (16.2.3, 38.3.1)
  7. Yes (41.1.3)
  8. Yes (35.2)
  9. Yes (30.1.2)
  10. No (12.4.3)

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