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01 Мая 2009 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Right or wrong?

Right or wrong?

Right or wrong?

The following questions focus on the document, “FIBA Official Basketball Rules: Official Interpretations.” A free download is provided on the FIBA website (www.fiba.com). For additional clarifications, explanations or examples, please consult this document.

1. During the last minute of the game, A2 is in control of the ball in his backcourt when the ball is deflected out-of-bounds by B5. Team A is then awarded a time-out. When play resumes with a team A throw-in at the centre line extended opposite the scorer’s table, thrower-in A3 passes the ball to A4, who is in the team A backcourt. Shall team A now have 8 seconds to advance the ball to the team A frontcourt?

2. Dribbler A3 loses control of the ball which then touches B8, who is waiting at the scorer’s table to enter the game as a substitute. Shall play resume with a team B throw-in?

3. Team A is awarded a throw-in. Shall the resulting time-out opportunity end when the ball is at the disposal of the thrower-in?

4. On a throw-in by A3 at a sideline in team A’s frontcourt, B3 touches the ball while it is in the air. The ball then goes out-of-bounds at the opposite sideline without touching another player. Shall play resume with a team A throw-in at the place of the original throw-in?

5. Team A has been in control of the ball in the team A backcourt for 4 seconds when A3 and B3 commit a double foul. On the resulting team A throw-in, shall team A have only 4 seconds remaining in which to advance the ball to the frontcourt?

6. While the ball is at the disposal of A2 for an alternating possession throwin, a technical foul is committed by coach A. Shall team B be entitled to the next alternating possession throwin?

7. When Team A and team B arrive on the playing court for the pre-game warm-up, both coaches agree that team A sit at the team bench to the right of the scorer’s table as well as shoot at the basket to the right of the scorer’s table for the 1st half. Shall the request be granted?

8. With team A entitled to the next alternating possession throw-in, A3 commits a dribble violation after which technical fouls are committed by A5 and B5. Shall play resume with an alternating possession throw-in for team A?

9. While the ball is in the air on a field goal attempt by A5, a foul is called. The ball subsequently touches the ring and is bouncing above it when it is touched by A2. Has A2 committed interference?

10. A8 enters the game as a substitute for A5. Before the clock has again started following the substitution, A8 commits a technical foul. This is A8’s fifth foul in the game. The only team A substitute available is A5. May A5 now reenter the game to substitute for A8?


1. Yes (Art. 28.2.1)
2. Yes (Art. 23.2.1; since B8 is not yet a player, the ball was caused to go out-of-bounds by A3)
3. Yes (Art. 18.2.4)
4. No (Article 17.2.2)
5. Yes (Art. 28.2.2)
6. No (Art. 12.4.8 )
7. Yes (Art. 9.4)
8. No (Art. 42.2.7, 2nd bullet)
9. Yes (Art. 31.2.6)
10. Yes (Art. 19.2.4)

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