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01 Июля 2010 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Refereeing. We are also basketball

Refereeing. We are also basketball

Refereeing. We are also basketball

The data base of the FIBA Active Referees, FIBA Active Commissioners and FIBA Honorary Referees is permanently updated and it is displayed on the FIBA website www.fiba.com/About FIBA/FIBA Officials. The basic data of each individual (name, date of birth, country) together with his/her photo is available.

FIBA Referees

In the period of 2009 – 2010 a total of 1193 FIBA Referee participated in the FIBA Refresher Clinics. At present there are 935 FIBA Active Referees divided per FIBA Zones as follows:

FIBA Zones Referees Africa 111 11.8% Americas 204 21.6% Asia 278 29.5% Europe 319 33.9% Oceania 31 3.2% Total 943 100%

A total of 92 FIBA Clinics for Referee Candidates and Refreshers were held in 2006 – 2010 in all FIBA Zones. In addition to that, Special Clinics for Young Potential Referees were held yearly in Europe, moreover FIBA and the FIBA Zones have organized numerous clinics for national referees in 101 countries worldwide.

In 2004 the FIBA Technical Commission has started a strong global initiative to encourage the young female players to start to officiate when they finished their careers and therefore to keep them in the basketball community. The Commission expressed its disappointment that, at the time, only 55 (5.5%) of all FIBA Active Referees were female and asked all FIBA Zones to organize special clinics for female referees.

The programme has borne fruits and nowadays there are 104 (11.0 %) female FIBA Active Referees, being regularly nominated to all the 3 FIBA/FIBA Zone Championships for Women, for U19/U17 Women and some of them even for the championships or games for men.

The success of the pre-championship clinics for referees continues and FIBA is organizing them at all FIBA World Championships. The referees from all five FIBA Zones get together two days before the championships. The Presentations, focused on Three-Person Officiating, the psychological aspects of the officiating, control of the game, team work, physical fitness, life style of basketball referees as well as the unified Criteria of Officiating are bringing positive results and are very much appreciated by the referees. The referees work in small groups that allow for interactive communication and at the end of the clinics the referees undergo a physical fitness test.

Under the FIBA Internal Regulations each national basketball federation may propose candidates from amongst its former FIBA Referees and any persons who have served basketball in the development of referees for the title of FIBA Honorary Referee.

A FIBA Active Referee cannot be at the same time FIBA Honorary Referee or FIBA Commissioner. The table hereafter represents the present statistics of the FIBA Honorary Referees involved in each zone.

FIBA Zone Honorary Referees % Africa 64 9.6 Americas 90 13.6 Asia 197 29.6 Europe 282 42.5 Oceania 31 4.7 Total 664 100

FIBA Commissioners

At present, there are 237 FIBA Active Commissioners divided per FIBA Zones below:

FIBA Zone Commissioners % Africa 20 7.9 Americas 19 7.5 Asia 36 14.2 Europe 167 66.0 Oceania 11 4.4 Total 253 100

The FIBA Commissioners have been active in Europe since 1956 when the European club competitions started to be played regularly. The number of the participating teams has grown almost every year, reaching its peak in the season 1995/1996 with as many as 252 club teams in five European Club Competitions. The European example, the increasing number of competitions in all FIBA Zones and the obligation of the FIBA Zones to designate only FIBA Active Commissioners for official competitions lead to the fact that all other FIBA Zones have begun to organise their own clinics. In the period of 2006 – 2010 there were 17 FIBA/ FIBA Zone Clinics for the FIBA Commissioners/ Commissioner Candidates in all FIBA Zones.

National Referee Instructors

The category of the National Referee Instructor(NRI) was introduced in 1995 with the goal of having a sufficient number of referees correctly officiating national/international games and championships.

The NRI is the ‘extended arm’ of the FIBA Technical Commission, responsible in each respective country for the teaching and the education of referees in line with the FIBA official rules, interpretations of the rules and the mechanics of officiating. At present all FIBA Zones have National Referee Instructors, Europe with 62, Americas with 39, Africa 21, Asia 17 and Oceania 4 NRI.

FIBA Referee Supervisors

The idea of having the FIBA Referee Instructor at the FIBA/FIBA Zone championships proved to be a great success. The FIBA Referee Supervisors at the FIBA/ FIBA Zone Championships evaluate and assist the referees during the championships. They provide referees with the latest information and guidelines as established by the FIBA Technical Commission and they evaluate not only the performance of the referees directly on the court but also their personality, behaviour and their general abilities to conduct the games to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

During the championships the Supervisors organize daily meetings with the referees and discuss the officiating either with the whole group of referees or in one-on-one discussions. After having completed their duties, the FIBA Referee Supervisor shall make an evaluation of each referee in English and must send it to the FIBA Secretariat to be sent to the respective federation of each referee. The national federations are obliged to provide the respective referee with his evaluation form.

FIBA Educational Materials

According to the FIBA Statutes, the FIBA Technical Commission is responsible for the training, examination and qualification of international referees, as well as for preparing them for the main international competitions of men’s and women’s basketball. Moreover, the Commission is the competent body for all matters concerning the practical application of the Official Basketball Rules.

Consequently, for the effective education and training of the referees, the FIBA Commissions provided educational and printed materials to the FIBA Zones, to all national basketball federations, to the FIBA international and national instructors, referees, coaches, players and to all those who are interested in basketball in general and in officiating in particular.

The FIBA Secretariat is regularly asked by almost all the above-mentioned bodies and individuals to supply them with different kind of materials on officiating such as Rule Books, Videos, DVDs, CDs, rule interpretations etc. In the last years the FIBA Technical Commission has produced a large amount of material of very good quality, a selection of which is given hereafter.

  • FIBA Official Rule Book and Basketball Equipment 2008 and 2010
  • FIBA Two and Three-Person Officiating 2008 and 2010
  • FIBA Official Interpretations of Rules 2008 and 2010
  • FIBA Statistics Manual 2009
  • FIBA Official Physical Fitness Test for Referees CD
  • FIBA Guidelines for Referee Education – Volume 3, Game situations
  • FIBA Guidelines for Referee Education – Volume 4, No-charge Semi-Circle

All the above teaching materials are displayed on the FIBA website and FIBA is encouraging all the national federations and basketball lovers to translate them to their national language where appropriate.

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