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01 Ноября 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Автор: Imbrogno Raffaele

"FIBA Hoops Coach" CD-Rom

"FIBA Hoops Coach" CD-Rom

"FIBA Hoops Coach" CD-Rom

In this section, we introduce the latest books, videos, CDs, and other tools that are primarily aimed at coaches, but certainly useful for all of our readers. Please send your suggestions and comments about our basketball-related media for review in this section.

Raffaele Imbrogno, former Director of the Italian Basketball Federation Study Center, is an Instructor with the Italian National Coaches Commitee of the Federation. Imbrogno is the author of several technical basketball pubblication.

FIBA has released a very interesting CD-ROM covering fundamental skills and other topics. The basic aim is to help players and coaches improve their knowledge and ability to play and coach the game.

"FIBA Hoops Coach" starts with great introductory video clips. Several top-level players are used to demonstrate all the skill moves and drills.

Basketball stars Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic, Alberto Herreros, Predrag Stojakovic, Mehmet Okur, and Dino Radja are the engaging and expert hosts of this CD that focuses on both offense and defense. Players present lessons on a particular skill (common to their playing positions and personal styles), and young athletes are then shown performing the skills.

The stars present a comprehensive set of skills, including ball handling, passing, and shooting, and offer pointers on proper stance, pressuring the ball, particular defensive maneuvers, and defensive rebounding. The camera work is professional throughout, and files for print that accompany the CD-ROM serve as both a table of contents for the videos and a workbook. This CD has an excellent set of instructional videos and would benefit all players who want to improve their game.

Each section follows the same format: Players first explain the how's and why's of each technique, which are reinforced with onscreen text. The move is then demonstrated. Finally, video clips of the stars are taken from actual games and used to demonstrate the star player performing that particular offensive or defensive maneuver.

This CD is recommended for all beginning players-and their parents and coaches-for its straightforward, simple, and comprehensive approach.

In addition, the CDROM features a detailed physiology section that will not only improve on-court performance but also help prevent injuries. FIBA Hoops Coach includes a nutrition section as well, with detailed texts on vitamins, nutrition, menus, and anti-doping information. The five players answer specific about the game and speak up against doping.

The CD is great for anybody seeking to learn or brush up on basketball fundamentals. The CD gives the viewer a greater appreciation for player strategy. The original sound track, multiple camera angles, graphics, and high production values make this a great CD to own. All content on the CD-ROM is printable and there is a direct link to the FIBA Internet site. FIBA will distribute this CD free of charge to national federations worldwide.


  • Five Players
  • Five different positions
  • 25 different skills
  • 40 videos of offensive fundamentals
  • 50 minutes of video instruction


  • Stretching - 6 videos - 6 minutes
  • Lower body exercise - 9 videos - 4 minutes
  • Upper body exercise - 8 videos - 3 minutes
  • Whole body exercise - 5 videos - 3 minutes
  • Total: 28 videos - 15 minutes


  • 16 questions
  • 80 different answers
  • 80 video answers
  • Total: 24 minutes

Anti-doping - 5 answers - one video - 20 seconds

Fun - 35 pictures - one video - 5 minutes

Total: 150 videos - 95 minutes of video material

Помимо статей, в нашей спортивной библиотеке вы можете найти много других полезных материалов: спортивную периодику (газеты и журналы), книги о спорте, биографию интересующего вас спортсмена или тренера, словарь спортивных терминов, а также многое другое.

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