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01 Марта 2003 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт



A new world order has been established in basketball during the 2002 World Championship in Indianapolis, where emerging teams such as Argentina, Germany and Spain could close the gap further to the traditional powerhouse Yugoslavia and teams like Angola and New Zealand made a big step forward. Three time gold medal winner USA faced tough competition on home ground and could only finish 6th.

One of the biggest compliments made to world basketball came from George Karl, the head coach of the USA national basketball team: “Young players are more often in the gym and get better education in many countries than our kids. And in a strange way, we should be proud of this.” This comment was an outstanding recognition of what global basketball has been achieving in the past decade since NBA players joined FIBA competitions. To continue this process and widen it to as many countries worldwide as possible is our ultimate goal and one of the reasons for the creation of FIBA Assist Magazine.

On the other side, though, some signs indicate that basketball is slowing down its growth rate:

  • In many of the world top professional leagues, attendances and TV exposure are dropping - even for winning teams.
  • A lot of physically gifted players show poor skills and a lack of sound technical fundamentals.
  • The formation of young players and their maturing process appear to be too often shortened or bypassed.
  • The economics of clubs, leagues and national federations are suffering from the world economical downturn.
  • Management processes are too slow to adapt to changing situations.

These are further reasons why we have decided to offer this new publication to you.

FIBA has always produced a wide range of publications. This variety included “institutional publications” such as the Bye Laws, Internal Regulations, Rule Books, Rule Interpretations and Directories.

Furthermore, we have produced special publications which were mainly targeted to serve the media and other professionals like basketball managers and administrators around the world: the FIBA Media Guide, the FIBA newsletter, the result books and various books and brochures on the history of FIBA.

We also had publications which served the needs of those who actually develop the sport, the coaches who form the talent, the people who are responsible for building or refurbishing the arenas, the referees, scorer table officials and commissioners who take care that the game is played according to the rules.

But there has never been a regular publication which would offer a constant reflection on the modern basketball know-how and expertise in the following fields:

  • Coaching - for all age levels and all competitive levels
  • Refereeing and administrating the basketball game – including scorers table officials and game commissioners
  • Psychology and Motivation
  • Medicine
  • Conditioning and Physiotherapy
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Event Management and analysis of past continental and world events
  • Presentation of coaches associations
  • Presentation of FIBA, the FIBA Zones, National Federations and Leagues in various countries
  • Equipment and construction of facilities
  • Mini-Basketball and School basketball.

These main fields may be supplemented by special areas of interest in some issues. We have assured for this project the co-operation with an Italian publishing house (Cantelli Editore), which will help us with their expertise to produce such a magazine.

We hope that this bi-monthly magazine, which will also be available for download on our website and as a CD Rom, will be of assistance to all those who have been responsible for the tremendous progress of global basketball in the recent years and will assure the development of our sport in the future: coaches, players, teachers, doctors, trainers, referees, administrators and managers.

We hope that you can benefit from this new publication and are very interested in hearing your opinion on the general concept as well as on specific topics and articles.

Enjoy reading the FIBA Assist Magazine! Enjoy basketball!

Patrick Baumann - FIBA Secretary General

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