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01 Сентября 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

FIBA’s Corporate Hospitality In Athens

The Olympic Games are the most prestigious, most special, and well-protected sporting event in the world. The International Olympic Committee and its TOP Program for global sponsors guarantee an exclusive platform to an audience that is unparalleled in sports marketing.

Is there room in this mix for the global sponsors and partners of an international sports federation without harming the rights of the official Olympic sponsors? There are two possibilities. The first is to have International Federations’ partners supply equipment to the sports event. The second entails servicing the IF partners with invitations to particular sports events or to organize hospitality events.


Suppliers of basketball equipment can become official suppliers of the Olympics upon recommendation of the particular international sports federations, and through agreements with the local organizing committee. The FIBA global partners, including Molten (basketballs), Mondo (floorings and basket supports), and Champion (referee uniforms) took this special opportunity and were directly involved throughout the Games.


To demonstrate the beauty of your sport at the highest possible level and also to show the popularity of your sport, the Olympics is a perfect occasion for sponsors and organizing committees. Inviting your partners to the basketball games and taking care of them in the arena strengthens your ties and lays a solid foundation for future commitment. So much takes place during the two weeks of the Olympic Games.

Apart from all of the action on the court during the Olympic basketball tournaments in Athens, FIBA and their global sponsors also took the opportunity to visit with some of the many key individuals in the basketball world who all convene in one place every four years. It is a perfect time for sponsors to make contact and build relationships with national federations and national Olympic committees, as well as one another.

Champion, Molten, and Mondo each hosted special luncheons along with FIBA at the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel during the Olympic Games in Athens.

At Champion’s luncheon on August 25, some of their athletic apparel and shoes were displayed. Throughout the Olympic Games, all of the uniforms worn by FIBA’s referees were from the Champion apparel line.

Champion also took the opportunity to showcase two of their television commercials that were used leading up to the Athens Olympic Games.

Molten used their luncheon on August 26 to introduce its new eight-panel basketball design.

Among the guests were members of Japan’s women’s national team.

Mondo’s luncheon on August 22 was highlighted by the attendance of the various members of the Stroppiana family, the longtime owners of Mondo.

Adecco, the international human resource supplier, also participated with FIBA in Athens by entertaining numerous clients aboard the Queen Mary 2. The company had both clients and company executives attend some of the basketball games.

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