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01 Июля 2010 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Спортивные технологии

FIBA Digital. Products and Services for any Basketball Organisation

FIBA Digital. Products and Services for any Basketball Organisation

FIBA Digital. Products and Services for any Basketball Organisation

History and Background

In 2005 FIBA Technology started the project “FIBA DIGITAL” with the objective to support FIBAs 213 National Federations in technology. The broader vision was to improve administration and management by providing IT tools, online services and technical know-how.

5 years later the number of NFs using one or several of FIBA Digital tools is more than satisfying. Still FIBA Technology, together with our partner SPORTINGPULSE, is constantly improving and adding new services based on feedback and state of the art of current technology.

If you wish to have more information please contact Wolfram Klug, Head of FIBA Technology (klug@fiba.com).

Success Story

Basketball New Zealand successfully implemented FIBA Organizer in 2008. By doing so the membership (number of registered players) more than doubled.

BBNZ furthermore states the following outcome:

  • More accurate member numbers. Therefore, better funding
  • No more paper war
  • Cost saving of both resources and personal
  • Can follow the history of players.


The following is a list and description of the available products and services which are mostly provided free of charge.

Fiba Organizer

Competition Management Software for leagues and tournaments, including player management, scheduling tools, and season and career statistics management. Fiba Organizer allows leagues or NF’s to manage all competitions, and integrates with FIBA Organizer Websites and Fiba Organizer Membership.

FIBA LiveStats

FIBA compliant software for collection of basketball statistics for elite league and championship games. Already in use in over 20 Fiba Federations Fiba Livestats is free to download and use by any fan, and incorporates world class statistics webcasting that is also free of charge. Integration to an existing Federation results system is available on request.

Fiba Organizer Websites

Simple, template driven websites that automatically accept schedules, standings and ladders from Fiba Organizer. Websites also allow the user to establish calendars, publish news, upload photo gallery’s and include traffic reporting, and the ability for fans to set up email reminders about upcoming games.

Fiba Organizer Membership

A secure online database for management of clubs, teams and memberships. Fiba Organizer Membership synchronises data with Fiba Organizer and allows clubs, leagues and federations to manage databases for local competitions or an entire national federation. Can be established with multiple reporting levels (national, regional, provincial, local leagues and clubs) and also includes substantial demographic and general reporting capacity.

Online Registration and Payments

Using Fiba Digital Membership, Federations, leagues and clubs can establish online registration for players or teams, including online payments using local merchant agreements or PayPal as a worldwide standard. Payments can be split automatically after receipt to be distributed between different levels of organisations (state vs local for example).

Online Clearances, transfers and permits

Clearances and player transfers can be managed totally online. A club completes an online request for a player to be cleared and the receiving club can approve the clearance. Leagues and federations can establish their own controls by auto-approving clearances or intervening and separately approving where required. Online clearances track requests and approvals, and move data appropriate data between clubs and leagues.

Stadium Scoring

Touchscreen based scoring system perfect for multi court stadiums or leagues that run many basketball games and wish to reduce the workload entering scores and results. Maintaining only scoring and foul information for players, provides full electronic game scoring, with electronic sign-off from game officials validating every result.

MyFiba.com (the “facebook” of Basketball)

Online networking tool that allows individual fans and players to build their own basketball page. Individuals can add player widgets, standings and results from favourite competitions, comment on FIBA events or join in forums and discussions.

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