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01 Июля 2008 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Автор: Imbrogno Raffaele

FIBA Coaching Library

FIBA Coaching Library

FIBA Coaching Library

“Founding libraries is like still building public granaries, amassing stores of food for the spirit’s winter coming in spite of me.”

Marguerite Yourcenar,
Memoirs of Hadrian

In Memoirs of Hadrian, one of the most beautiful novels ever written, Marguerite Yourcenar (the first female elected to the prestigious Academie Francaise) describes how Roman Emperor Hadrian discusses the importance ofof founding libraries, places in which the memory of what has happened and what has been written by human beings is put in the right place. Today, this valuable lesson has been applied in world off sport, especially in basketball.. We would have many prob-lems if we moved or plannedd our daily life with no culturalal heritage available to help usus avoid old mistakes and no way to understand all the good things that have been already achieved. Surely, we are not not Martians who have suddenly been catapulted on Earth.

Students and fans of the game of basketball will be happy to learn that FIBA has now opened its library for all who care to search and learn. In fact, by clicking on to FIBA.com, you can have access to the section FIBA Coaching Library (http://www.fiba.com/subsites/sideLine/coacLibr/ home.asp). Click to Experts (under Coaches Corner) and you can find a treasure trove of technical material for coaches. Now you can have access to something much more organized and rich. In the Coaching Library, you can now find four different sections: Drills, Exercises Articles, and Scouting, each available with different multimedia supports.

In the first section, there are a great number of drills formed into different groups (Offense, Defense, Transition, and Breakdown). These groups are then divided in categories. Every single drill is comprised of text, computerized graphics developed by the SidelineSport program (www.sidelinesports.com FIBA’s partner), and video clips. You will find the same structure in the second section, Exercises, in which there are also aspects about conditioning and strength training. In the third section are some of the main technical articles that have appeared in FIBA Assist Magazine, and these are updated monthly. Finally, in the Scouting section, there are scouting reports on all the national teams playing in various FIBA competitions.

Again, every report has computerized graphics and video, just like those found in the first and the second sections. The good news is that the four sections of the FIBA E-Library are updated daily, and each day, the amount of useful technical information for basketball coaches grows larger. I suggest that you add the FIBA Coaching Library link into your “favorites” and consult it often. Enjoy your navigation.

Помимо статей, в нашей спортивной библиотеке вы можете найти много других полезных материалов: спортивную периодику (газеты и журналы), книги о спорте, биографию интересующего вас спортсмена или тренера, словарь спортивных терминов, а также многое другое.

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