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01 Марта 2007 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Правила и история

Автор: Barbosa Antonio Carlos

Brazil at the World Championship

Brazil at the World Championship

Brazil at the World Championship

Antonio Carlos Barbosa started coaching in 1963 with Instituto de Educacao Ernesto Monte. Then he coached Clube Luso, Bauru, Piracicaba, Campinas and Jundiai, winning three Brazilian titles and two South American titles. He has been head coach of the Brazilian women’s national team from 1977 to 1984, and he’s become again head coach of the Brazilian women’s national team in 1996. He has won seven South American championships and a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympic Games of Sydney.

Brazil women's team finished fourth at the 2006 FIBA World Championship, which was hosted by our country. We failed to beat Australia in the semi-final game and then we were beat by the powerhouse USA for the bronze medal. I think we, with a veteran team, played with heart and emotion and had a good tournament, losing to France, USA, and twice to Australia. We had experienced veterans, including Janeth dos Santos Arcain, Alessandra Santos de Oliveira, and Cintia Silva dos Santos, who carried the team throughout the competition, but fatigue played a role in the defeats.


When possible, Janeth and Iziane always looked for the easy transition baskets. They loved driving and drawing the fouls going to the basket, while using the crowd to motivate them. At the half- court offense versus an individual defense, we used a lot of high-low game plays for our big players. We also used screen-the-screener plays whenever we could. At the end of possession plays, we would try to drive and kick the ball for an open shot, or else work plays off the pick-and-roll.

I must admit that sometimes our urge to score quickly led us to turnovers and put us off our rhythm. Upon reflection, there were some stretches where our guards would forget about our effective inside players. Even so, I think we had a good tournament, carried on offense by three players: our center, Alessandra (13.8 ppg), and guards Iziane (16.9 ppg), and Janeth (13.3 ppg). We also finished first in offensive rebounds with 12.3 per game.


Inside play for Alessandra
A quick play. 1 dribbles to the side with 3 and 2 on the wings and 5 (Alessandra) on the low post on the ball side. 4, as the second trailer, is in the middle of the court. 1 passes to 4, who then passes to 2, while 5 cuts to the ball side (diagr. 1).

2 looks for a pass inside to 5, and, after the pass, plays pick-and-roll with 4 (diagr. 2).

Another play
1, with the ball in the middle of the floor, has the two wings, 2 and 3, and the two high posts at the corners of the free- throw area. 5 steps out and screens for 1, who goes to the left side, while 3 screens-the-screener 5, and then pops out in the middle of the floor (diagr. 3).

1 passes to 3, who receives a screen from 4 (diagr. 4). After the screen, 4 pops out, 3 passes to 2, who then passes to 5, who has crossed in the lane and posted down low (diagr. 5).


Inside play for Alessandra
4 down screens for 3, while 5 comes high and 2 pops out on the wing. 1 passes to 3 (diagr. 6).

After the screen for 3, 4 comes high, back screens for 1, who cuts in the lane, and then 4 pops out on the top of the lane and receives the ball from 3 (diagr. 7).

1 back screens for 5 and 4 passes the ball to 5 in the lane (diagr. 8).

Here is an option for this play: after the back screen for 5, 1 receives a screen from 4 (screen-the-screener-action), who comes high at the top of the lane, and receives the ball from 3 for a three-point shot (diagr. 9 and 10).

Plays for Guards Iziane or Janeth
Two high posts, 4 and 5, at the corners of the free-throw area, two wings, 2 (Iziane) and 3 (Janeth), and the point guard, 1, in the middle of the court. 4 pops out and receives the ball from 1, who then cuts in the lane, while 2 is moving toward the lane (diagr. 11).

1 goes out in the wing area, 2 receives a down screen from 5, and then goes to the corner.

3 fakes to cut in the lane, comes back, receives a hand-off pass from 4, and drives to the basket. She can also pass to 2 or 5, who ducks in the lane after the screen (diagr. 12).

Option: instead of the hand-off pass, 4 can also pass directly to 2, who comes off the down screen of 5. Then there is a quick pick-and-roll between these two players, with 5, who steps out of the lane to the top, to clear out. 2 can go straight to the basket, or pass to 4, who has rolled to the basket after the screen, or to 5 (diagr. 13, 14 and 15).


The set uses two low posts and three perimeter players. 1 passes to 2, and, on this pass, 4 pops to the corner and receives the ball from 2, while 5 goes to the high post position (diagr. 16).

After the pass, 2 cuts in the lane and goes on the weak side corner, while 1 replaces 2, and 3 replaces 1. This movement keeps the defense busy (diagr 17).

4 makes a skip pass to 3, while 5 cuts down to the low post area (diagr. 18).

4 sets a flare screen for 1, who goes to the weak side wing position. 3 has many options:

  • Pass to 1 on the wing.
  • Pass to 2, who can shoot or pass inside to 5 on the low post.
  • Pass to 4, who rolls to the top of the lane, after the screen for 1 (diagr. 19).

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