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01 Марта 2007 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Спортивные технологии

Bounces On Hardwood

Bounces On Hardwood

Bounces On Hardwood

For starters, the game of basketball is played with a well-inflated basketball. But what happens once a player makes a move to the basket and the ball down goes to the floor with that first dribble? Let's take a close look at the hardwood that FIBA Study Centre partners have installed at the top basketball arenas around the world.


HARO Sports is a business unit of Hamberger Industries, one of the biggest hardwood flooring manufacturers in the world.

The sports flooring business unit was founded in 1955, and, since then, it has placed floors in over 65 countries, including sites for the Olympic Games, world and continental championships.

HARO Sports portable and permanent floors offer a fast and easy installation, much lower maintenance cost, exceptional life span, greater safety for the athletes, and superior quality.

Their hardwood floors enjoy a flexible, engineered construction that nearly eliminates the swelling and shrinking, gaps and cracks that are common with conventional strip hardwood floors.

This method features a solid hardwood top layer supported by a premium quality birch plywood core layer.

The hardwood top layer receives a factory applied PERMADUR( r) finish for superior performance and surface protection.

Each of the eight layers of PERMADUR(r) finish is individually UV cured, which provides a harder and more durable surface so it doesn't require refinishing within the first 10 years.

Every portable and permanent HARO Sports floor meets and exceeds the requirements of the DIN standard 18032, part 2, delivering true force reduction up to 67 % and ball rebound of to 98 %, so reducing risk of injury.


Junckers is Europe's leading manufacturer of solid hardwood floors, and, since its founding 75 years ago, more than one hundred million square meters of its floors have been installed all over the world.

Wood is the obvious and natural choice of material for sports flooring, and in order to ensure sustainable forestry, this company uses certified wood from controlled and managed forests. A solid hardwood Junckers sports floor offers area elasticity as opposed to the point elasticity, which is an inherent characteristic of PU, PVC, and linoleum floors.

Area elasticity allows for optimum freedom of movement, while point elasticity impedes rapid movement and to some extent locks the feet to the floor.

A sports floor and its performance are the results of a system comprising three interacting elements: The undercarriage construction, the solid hardwood floor, and the surface treatment.

In order to ensure optimum life span and performance, periodical checks, maintenance, additional surface treatment, and sanding may be required.


For Prestige Sports Systems, the long-time affiliation and FIBA Partnership has been an integral part of their success and presence in six continents.

From the 2006 National Games in India, to the recent Asian Games in Qatar, to the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing, you will find a Prestige floor, whether it be a permanent, portable, wood, or synthetic installation. Prestige is one of the world leaders in the manufacture, supply, and export of quality residential, commercial and sports flooring systems to over 56 countries.

The hardwood and synthetic sports systems have been specially tested and certified by worldwide organizations ensuring the safety of the players, the heightened performance of the game, and the durability of the flooring surface. This is achieved through constant research, testing, and development of both the playing surface and its subfloor designs, together with our continuous commitment to the DIN standards.

Prestige's patented Bi-Power systems have evolved from basketball to other sports, providing a complete solution to architects, designers, schools, and government officials.

The strong alliance with other FIBA equipment suppliers has also ensured that worldwide facilities are getting only the top level products. With the support of our worldwide technical centers, Prestige has also ensured that the flooring systems are installed professionally for maximum benefit and long life.


Robbins Sports Surfaces spans the globe with installations in over 60 nations around the world.

Their excellence in international sport surfaces is recognized in all continents due to their experience providing floors for the Olympics, international and national championships, and amateur sport venues. Most recently, their flooring systems were used in the 2005 China National Games and in the Euro League Championship Games in 2006. This company is one of the original FIBA partners.

Robbins portable floors dominate the arenas of the NBA and the majority of NBA teams choose Robbins floors for their training facilities as well.

With the athlete in mind, their flooring systems are designed with the latest technology for the practice of all sports and recreational activities, at professional and amateur levels. Rigorous testing standards are incorporated through every stage of product development.

This guarantees long lasting, innovative, safe, and high-performance surfaces to ensure championship performance for years to come.


This Italian company has vast experience in manufacturing and supplying high-level sports parquet floors for sport halls around the globe.

Seicom invests in the research and development of sports floorings. However, at Seicom, it is not only the quality of the product, but also the safety and performance of the players, who run and jump on their floors, that matters most.

Seicom's range of products includes both permanent and portable elastic floors that utilize a new hydraulic connection system. All flooring keeps within the elasticity requirements provided for by DIN18032.2.

In addition, their floors have received the Certificate of Approval issued by FIBA for both portable and permanent floors for large sport halls. Seicom flooring was used at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games basketball court and at the Palalido of Milan, where the Armani Jeans team plays their games.

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