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01 Сентября 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Автор: Imbrogno Raffaele

Books And Videos On Zone Defense

Books And Videos On Zone Defense

Books And Videos On Zone Defense

In this section, we introduce the latest books, videos, CDs, and other tools that are primarily aimed at coaches, but certainly useful for all of our readers. Please send your suggestions and comments about our basketball-related media for review in this section.

Raffaele Imbrogno, former Director of the Italian Basketball Federation Study Center, is an Instructor with the Italian National Coaches Commitee of the Federation. Imbrogno is the author of several technical basketball pubblication.

The winning experience of Syracuse in the 2003 NCAA championship game shows that playing 23 zone defense for 40 minutes a game is possible and useful: certainly, if a coach decides to play zone defense exclusively, he must know the principle of that tactic very well and force his players to be aggressive.

The zone defense is useful to help overcome the troubles of the 1-on-1 individual defense, to help poor individual players defend a particular area, change the rhythm of the game, survive a penalty situation, and force the opponents to change the angle of the passes and the type of the shots.

It is important that a coach know the rules and the principles of the zone.

If a coach learns well the positive and negative aspects of the zone defense, he will be able to recognize when and why it should be employed, and when it should be abandoned in favor of an individual defense. There are many good teachers of the zone defense and many good tools at our disposal to learn it.

Jim Boeheim has been the Syracuse University head coach for the last 30 years and he used the zone defense as his main tool to keep the opponents from scoring. Boeheim produced two videos for Championship Productions.

The first, The 2-3 Zone Defense, finds Boeheim explaining the philosophy, basic movements, and special options of his 2-3 zone defense. In the second video, Complete Guide to the 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense & The Fast Break, he details these concepts even further. The videos contain great examples on how to control the penetrations, deal with the traps, and how to defend against the cuts on the baseline, and the three-point shot attempts.

Two other important videos produced by the same company include 2-1-2 Match-Up Zone Defense by Dave Loos and The 2-3 Match-Up Zone (2000) by Wayne Morgan, head coach at Iowa State University and a former Boeheim assistant at Syracuse.

Another interesting video on how to play zone defense is 1-3-1 Zone Defense, which features the thoughts and wisdom of Billy Tubbs, the head coach of Lamar University.

Don Casey released The Temple of Zones. Casey, who has over 20 years of NBA coaching experience, is a true believer in the zone.

Nicknamed “The Czar of the Zone,” Casey presents his version of the 2-3 defense in this video, and teaches how to defend on the low and high post and against the different tactics that the opponents adopt to attack the defense. In addition, he details how to control the cuts and best grab the defensive rebounds.

Casey also wrote a short book, the 92page The Temple of Zones II, which explains his zone concepts.

In 1998, Fever River Sports Production published The Temple of Zones: Volume II, in which the concepts expressed in the first volume are better detailed, with several exercises using his 2-3 zone concepts shown.

Other videos featuring zone defense include Jerry Petitgoue’s Simplified Zone Defenses for Youth Basketball (Coaches Choice, 2000); Zone Defenses (Coaches Choice, 2000) by Tara Van-Derveer; Half Court Defense (Coaches Choice, 1999) by Morgan Wooten; and Zone Defenses, by Joe Piscopo, the former coach at Buffalo State University.

Помимо статей, в нашей спортивной библиотеке вы можете найти много других полезных материалов: спортивную периодику (газеты и журналы), книги о спорте, биографию интересующего вас спортсмена или тренера, словарь спортивных терминов, а также многое другое.

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