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01 Октября 2006 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт, Спортивные технологии

Basketballs for Everybody, Everywhere

Basketballs for Everybody, Everywhere

Basketballs for Everybody, Everywhere

Basketball, the second most popular participant sport in the world after football, is continuing to grow, as are the many companies eager to produce high-quality balls for the millions of players around the world. We would like to introduce the Company, which are the FIBA Study Centre Partners and whose products meet the highest quality standards, helping athletes the world over maintain the highest level of play possible.


Baden is a company that believes the athlete should determine the outcome of the game, not the equipment. This is the premise behind their entire line of Perfection Game Balls: "The ball that lets athletes perform to their highest levels." Baden's Perfection Elite basketball, with its patented symmetrical design and balanced panel widths, eliminates the lumpy, uneven channel cluster found on other balls. These clusters lead to inconsistent play. By spreading out and balancing the channels, Perfection's design provides 48% less channel material in the critical channel crossing areas, ensuring the athlete a consistent feel and bounce. Perfection's patented Stealth Soft-Valve System and Cushion Control Technology has dramatically changed the way basketballs are made. In addition, the Stealth Soft-Valve System, another area associated with bad bounces and inconsistent play, was solved by softening the entire valve panel, making it undetectable to the athlete. These features, along with Perfection's exclusive ultra microfiber cover, provide the best basketball "feel" and truest performance in the game.


Dedicated to ball production for more than 35 years, Conti is among the top ball manufacturers, making the highest quality products with the most advanced technologies in order to achieve the best performance in a variety of sports. The company's strict quality control system enables them to supply products that meet the highest standards. The Conti philosophy of "Quality products & unparalleled customer service" is the cornerstone of the company and remains the most reliable guaranty for every consumer. The company's synthetic leather basketballs are made from premium top-quality composite PU leather, with a micro-fiber backing specially developed to meet the demands of the world's best players. The patented honeycomb rubber outer layer gives the ball a soft and feather-like feel, while the patented deep pebble channel allows players to easily grip the ball and shoot.


Gala, with more than a half century tradition of quality and service, is a reliable supplier of superior sports products, balls, and other products. Gala is certified by international sports federations, including FIBA and FIVB. The company produces sports balls and uniforms. Their quality uniforms carry the Gala trademark, but the company also produces customized and other made-to-order products for its clients.


Wah Hing Creation (WHC) Corporation was established in Hong Kong in 1969. The company focus was on the sales of soccer balls and various sports equipment throughout Southeast Asia. However, as China opened its door for investors, WHC set up the GFTZ MESUCA Development Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou in 1996, looking forward to being a part of the growing international sports industry. The Company established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Zhao Qing, China in 2002. The spacious 66,000 square meter factory features the latest technology and is fully equipped to fulfill the largest orders. MESUCA specializes in the manufacture of balls, including hand-sewn, stitched, and laminated basketballs, in addition to their line of soccer and volleyball balls, as well as other sport items and accessories. The motto of the company is "Enriching lives." With annual production capacity well over 2.5 million pieces, the company certainly does just that.


Vega Balls Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 through the joint venture of Grand Sports (Thai Partners) and Yuan Chi Overseas Ltd. (Taiwanese Partners). Soon after, the factory base was moved from Taiwan to Thailand. Since then, Vega is well recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of inflatable balls (with over 4.5 million balls capacity), serving global brands as well as marketing its own "Vega" line of balls. The company is committed to supplying the highest quality products, striving to continually improve efficiency, effectiveness, and utilization of resources so it remains highly competitive in the global marketplace. Customer service is a key company attribute and company officials work closely with clients in new development, formulating innovative ideas for graphic designs, and specialized mold designs. Speedy service is a hallmark of the company. Vega Balls Manufacturing has been a part of the FIBA Approval Program and the company is proud to help promote the game of basketball in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, and in other parts of the World.

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