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01 Марта 2004 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол, Женский баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Basketball Training... At The Speed Of Sound!

Basketball Training... At The Speed Of Sound!

Basketball Training... At The Speed Of Sound!

Carlo Bressan works as the Conditioning Coach for the Italian Women’s Basketball National Teams. Now in his fifth year of collaboration with the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP), he also worked with the Women’s Olympic basketball team. He was chosen to be on the Coaching Staff of the Women’s All Star team, and has worked with many men’s pro teams, including Division I team Benetton Treviso.

This article briefly describes an innovative training approach regularly implemented by “Progetto Azzurina”, the Women’s Youth National Program of the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP).

Before explaining in detail this new training system, known as “Bressan Method”, let me introduce you to “Progetto Azzurrina”.

Started in 2002, thanks to the desire of the FIP to improve results, participation, and media exposure on youth italian basketball, “Azzurrina” took shape due to the vision of coach Renato Nani, Coordinator of Women’s Youth National Programs.

In a nutshell, here’s how Azzurrina is structured: 128 selected players (13-15 year old girls) are divided into 8 Regional Teams, each practicing twice a week. Each team follows a unified training program, coordinated by coach Nani and supervised locally by two coaches and a physical trainer.

The focus of the program is to develop the skills of each player by regularly working on three main learning and conditioning aspects: technical, physical and technical-physical. A National Regional Team Tournament is played twice a month, having all 8 teams measuring their progress one against other in game situations.

Thanks to Nani’s hard work and the support of FIP Vice-President Paolo Troncarelli, Azzurrina has been enthusiastically recognized and accepted by the basketball community, receiving tremendous media exposure as well.

Live demonstrations by 128 “Azzurrina” players performing the drills has now become an event that is pure entertainment. The young players have appeared on national television, and segmens were devoted to them during the 2004 All-Star Game and both the 2003 and 2004 Italian Cup Finals.

Although it is only in its second year of operation, “Progetto Azzurrina” is already showing the potential for creating and developing better players and creating a bigger and brighter future for Italian Basketball.

Now, let’s find out what’s so different about my methodology and why it could be a valuable tool for youth teams executives looking for new, compelling ways for promoting basketball.

Thanks to this training approach, you’ll be able to:

  1. Motivate more youngsters to come and experience the fun of playing basketball.
  2. Scientifically plan and improve skill performance, easily and in less time.

As a coach, have you ever wished that, as easily as flipping a switch, you could communicate and motivate your players to get totally excited to give all they have, working harder at daily practice sessions, running, jumping, sweating, doing endless drills repetitions.

What if you could easily program and monitor the most effective speed needed on each drill, leading your players to a precise, step-by-step progressive conditioning at, let say, 90%, 95%, 97,5%, 100% of their own personal best?

Or maybe you prefer having access to a training system that allowed you to precisely work on your technical skills, while executing the moves in a higher gear, i.e.: improving a crossover dribble while maintaining a technically correct execution?

You could simply choose a drill and say: “Let’s do 4 Rep. at Speed #1, 3 Rep. at Speed #2 and 2 Rep. at Speed #3“, then sit back and enjoy the show, while listening to a special remix of players’ favorites Top Ten music hits, looking at your team performing the drill at higher and higher intensity, exactly as you planned! My method is a breakthrough in basketball functional training that can show you-no matter if you are a beginner or a pro, a coach or a player-how you can learn (or teach) to optimize game skills performance in the shortest time possible... while enjoying your practice!

Plus, it is so easy to use and so fun to do and has the flexibility to be great even for mini-basketball lovers.

This system is designed with the purpose of scientifically stimulating and challenging speed, power, and control of technical moves in order to reach the highest sport performance potential. It offers easy- to-follow exercises that introduce the player to a new concept on basketball (and sports) training by refining S.A.I.D. (Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand) “muscular grow” concept to a more functional S.A.V.I.P. (Specific Adaptation to a Virtually Improved Performance) “neuro-muscular development.”

The system brings into play a new training tool that has the proven ability to raise the standard against which athletes are trained and measured while at the same time, transform traditional hard work into a more enjoyable routine.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Provide constant or variable intensity on drills practice.
  2. Customize and implement specific physical overload on fundamental moves.
  3. Easily monitor and evaluate progress, in real time.
  4. Improve focus and effectiveness of performance on technical skills.
  5. Offer a self-motivating, self-correcting, self-coaching tool.

It’s your favorite music digitally transformed into an “INTERACTIVE CHRONOMETER”: a revolutionary Chrono-Game-Workout that integrates body/mind learning strategies and computers technologies with:

  • Fundamental moves
  • Conditioning drills
  • Progressive speed levels
  • Personalized intensity
  • Non-verbal instructions
  • Subconscious motivation booster.

Basically, it’s a series of audio CDs with a very special remix of your favorites songs. The result is an easy-to-use (a 10-year-old child do it) SPACE-TIME Rhythmic Conditioning System that will entertain the players, while stimulating and systematically challenging their performance on drills practices.

Can you imagine monitoring your peak performance on your best moves, improving quickness, speed, and power, all while “going with the flow”to the rhythm of your favorite basketball music?

From beginners to pros, everyone can dramatically enhance QUALITY AND EXCITEMENT of their own personal practice in a rapid and effective way. Everyone.

“In my 18-year career I never saw anything get even closer to a training system able that was able to transfer that level of intensity and enthusiasm to the players. Even more important, technical and physical improvements are evident after just a few sessions!” said national coach Renato Nani.

This method is based on objective, verifiable facts. It’s backed up by 11 years of applied studies and practical workouts that have already been experienced by thousands of players, ranging from the Women’s National Basketball Teams to youth summer camps, from mini-basketball and school programs, to mens’ pro teams.

More specifically, this results-oriented program will allow you to:

1. EVALUATE: Find the easiest way to monitor optimal physical performance on fundamental moves. Progress can be verified objectively and subjectively, in real time.

2. PLAN: Learn how to program and reproduce the exact increment of quickness, speed, and power on a technical move.

3. DEVELOP: Use the most effective way for conditioning specific strength: S.A.V.I.P.-Specific Adaptation to a Virtually Improved Performance - Plan and Perform a move with sets and repetitions at Progressive Intensity Levels (i.e.: 95%, 98%, 105% of your peak performance).

4. MODEL: Help the player to Recognize (in real time) and Model (on each repetition) the planned intensity level of conditioning. By mirroring your best physical moves (V.I.P.), you’ll also develop a new level of awareness on which “Inner Game” your mind is playing, and you’ll be able to recognize the useful one that will take you to the next level.

5. INTEGRATE: Optimize practice time by using specific, three-in-one drills. You will improve neuromuscolar efficiency, wich will result in faster and more accurate performance, including:

Technical Skills: Improve proper execution on fundamentals performed at peak intensity level.
Physical Power: Quantify and enhance Specific Strength, Agility, and Control on technical moves.
Mental Focus: Sharpen Precision, Timing and Balance by properly performing a given move at the right time and at the right place.

6. STIMULATE: Ideal for developing focus and proper attitude towards the most fatiguing drills that require high numbers of repetitions, this system it has proven to be an excellent “energy booster”. It can be applied for individual and group work, and provide a viable method for achieving the highest skill level possible in sports performance.


To teach new skills while generating enthusiasm for learning the flexibility of this methodology allows you to bypass all the “training for results” principles and focus instead on increasing fun and participation, generating curiosity and enthusiasm for playing basketball by transforming learning new skills into an enjoyable and energizing game.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you tailor this system for 9-13 year old players:

  • You’ll discover new “teach to learn” techniques for stimulating players’ self-evaluation and self-correction. You’ll be able to stimulate a new attitude in youngsters, leading them to discover new levels of enthusiasm and motivation for physical activities.
  • Your school demonstrations will become an event, almost a show, a mix of sport and entertainment that will amuse and thrill all students (and teachers as well).

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