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01 Января 2010 Журнал "FIBA Assist Magazine"

Виды спорта: Баскетбол

Рубрики: Профессиональный спорт

Автор: Imbrogno Raffaele

A “Sense” For Basketball

A “Sense” For Basketball

A “Sense” For Basketball

These days, where there seems to be more interest in fancy basketball where play often consists of dunks, elaborate passes, jumping, and sprinting up and down the court, oftentimes without any reason, the fundamentals of the game are often forgotten. But, it is basketball fundamentals, the real strength and beauty of the game, that remains the foundation of this beautiful game, and we need to return to this important core.

In the United States, there is a coach and a company that produces books and DVDs that stress basketball fundamentals. In the past few years, coach Lason Perkins and the Basketball Sense company have produced articles, books, and DVDs designed to improve the teaching of basketball, bringing back the inherent beauty of the game at the same time. Coach Perkins has not only worked on improving the fundamentals “inside” the borders of the U.S., but has taken a detailed look at basketball the world over.

Coach Perkins and Basketball Sense released more than twenty DVDs on the basics of the game, including what he considers to be the top basketball plays every coach should know when setting up an effective offense. An example of this is “Great Scoring Plays from Around the Word,” a 65-minute DVD where he showcases plays that take advantage of a great shooter, maximize the presence of a good post player, and describe in great detail how to utilize the pick-and-roll, and incorporate effective out-ofbounds plays.

In another well-regarded DVD, “Secrets of International Basketball,” coach Perkins analyzes Euroleague games, pointing out the nuances of the drive-and-pick, the pick-and-pop, the dribble hand-off weave, and many other plays that rely on basketball fundamentals.

With “The A-Set Offense,” Basketball Sense also offers a close-up look at the most popular offenses used in international basketball. This successful basketball offense utilizes on-ball screens, drive-and-kick principles, with great stress placed on spacing on the court. Again, Coach Perkins shows coaches how to take advantage of their team’s offensive strengths and key personnel, while forcing the defense to constantly figure out how to effectively guard the basket. For additional information on building a successful offense, Coach Perkins has also produced DVDs on other offensive sets, including “Open Post Offense” and “How to Win at the End,” a two-volume compendium filled with plays designed to guarantee victory for your team.

Basketball Sense has also released several other very interesting DVDs you should consider. Ganon Baker, one of the best teachers and demonstrators of basketball fundamentals, Ed Schilling, an expert on offensive moves at the wing and post, and Herb Welling, who describes the famous offensive set now used by coach John Calipari at the University of Kentucky, all have DVDs you will want in your collection.

In addition to the many DVDs at the Basketball Sense Internet site (http://www.basketballsense.com/Books/books.aspx), there are many books on basketball technique that cover all aspects of creating a successful basketball offense, from developing the 1-4 set to go against a man-to-man and zone fense to effective out-ofbounds plays that designed to get the ball in the right player’s hands and lead to a score before the buzzer goes off.

For those of you who want more basketball information, Basketball Sense has a regular blog (http://www.basketballsense.com/blog/), where you can learn about the latest tactics and technique employed by other coaches. It’s extremely informative and a great resource for any coach looking to take his team to the next level.

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